5 Steps to Hiring Top Software Developers

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5 Steps to Hiring Top Software Developers

In the current recruiting world, searching for top talent with relevant skills is too hard-hitting. Hiring software developers takes up a lot of time and effort and can be very complicated. In this article, I will come up with a few outlines and simple steps that many companies are using to get results successfully.

So, how do you attract software developers who are so highly sought after? Well, the truth is, there’s no one lever you can pull. Instead, you have to use a full funnel strategy to bring in that elusive tech talent to your organization.

Screen effectively

The goal of this step is to filter out candidates that aren’t even close to what you’re looking for, without spending the time of your developers. First, scan their resume to make sure they didn’t apply for the wrong job. Next, put them through a quick automated test. Services like codeground.com, hirebooth.com or codility.com work well for this. These online assessment platforms ask the candidate to solve simple coding problems and automatically grade the results.

Understand Technical Departments

As a recruiter, first, you might need to understand the departments within a company, as different divisions have different goals and responsibilities.  Most technical hires fall into one of two camps:  Building Software or Operations and Support.

Know the Team and Tools

Once you understand the technical areas of the business, the next step is to gain a deeper understanding of the team and the open position.  Get a solid handle on the technologies in use and the desired skill set of any new hire.

Match Resumes to Roles

Now for the tricky part – matching candidates to roles. One easy way to match a candidate with a job is to see if the candidate has a requisite skill on his or her resume.  However, that doesn’t necessarily guarantee a good fit.  For example, a person may not have mobile programming experience but may have a strong C++ background, a deep desire to work in iOS, and a great attitude that could easily fit into the role of iOS engineer.  To see this potential match, you have to understand the open role and all the candidate’s previous positions.

Ask Good Questions

Regardless of the resume or role, you are hiring for, remember that every candidate is just a person with a collection of skills and strengths. Therefore, the best things you can do is ask lots of questions and try to hone in on what makes each person special. For each role, dig into the must-haves versus what can be learned then devise specific questions to help draw that out from a resume.


Although it takes extra time to customize your interview questions for every candidate based on the role, it will help you make better, long-lasting placements and hires. This is what excellent recruiting is all about. A deep understanding of the roles, technologies and teams will help you make the best matches with the best candidate.

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