Big Data changing the recruitment game in 2018

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Big Data changing the recruitment game in 2018

Forget  analytics, if we were to simply apply  logic, consider the immense amount of information constantly proliferating online added to that the recruitment industry sieves through from various sources, like resumes, applications, reviews, feedbacks, etc, we can positively conclude that the future of the industry is going to be Big Data, instead of mining for data in the closet .

However, in theory, Big Data happens to still be in an early stage of development. This will change in 2018.

It is after all impossible to recruit the same way we did  10 even 5 years ago!

Here are some ways Big Data is doing its part in revamping the recruitment game in 2018.

How does it work?

Skipping technical jargons, here is a very simple explanation of how Big data goes about doing its business.

Big data recruiting goes on an exploratory hunt into the Internet wilderness and brings back a wealth of information on the candidate and special emphasis is on those who demonstrate their expertise on social media channels.

Then, data aggregation happens. Details packed into a resume, job  descriptions, applications, scanned business cards, brochures, databases, etc

Recruiters deploy online assessment tests  to analyze, measure skills and understand even the  intangibles like a candidate’s ideal patterns, morale, etc

Armed with this information, algorithm goes to work. The result will be plated in an array of information in the form of patterns and matches. You can thank keywords and scores that help narrow down the initial pool of candidate information.

Easy as it may sound. It’s not trucks of data churned, crunched and parcelled to you the recruiter. The algorithm interprets the parsing and interpreting that shows up as results.

To manage and accurately process the data, categorizing it in the right manner is important. The effort will be amiss if a recruiter does not access and analyze the information in their database to actually make sense of what the data says about a candidate.

What one should not forget in the end is that recruitment is a man plus machine approach. Embracing the advancing role Big Data plays in candidate searches we should understand that it is, in the end, the discretion of a recruiter to fully engage a candidate in an opportunity.

The human element is definitely deeply integrated into the process of recruiting.


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