Bulk Hiring Strategies. How to do it better.

Bulk Hiring strategies
Lets maybe start off by discussing how to know if your bulk hiring process might be a little wrong!

  • Your bulk recruitment strategies start off with vague job descriptions.
  • You always seem to be hiring under pressure.
  • Too many candidates to screen.
  • Too many interviewers.
  • Being unprepared, not always by choice.
  • Your bulk recruitment strategies involve, pay up and wait.
  • Or, post it and wait.
  • Social media is really not your cuppa.
  • Logistics is becoming an all-engulfing black hole in your bulk recruitment process.
  • Perception-based hiring is a tough one to dodge.
  • The panel lacks in the required technical knowledge.
  • You wonder, “why is there not a better way for sourcing, assessing, onboarding that also suits me”.

Biggest mistake of them all..
You don’t utilize tools present today that can cut your hiring costs and time by over 60%.
Yup, you can now be assessing 1000’s of candidates and not be spending on precious man-hours in screening time, right from the comfort of your cabin.  
So how to do bulk hiring better???

Solution No 1:

This is where online assessment platforms come in. Codeground is one such platform and it can be used for an array of scenarios ranging from campus recruitment, walk-ins, brand promotion, day-to-day hiring to name a few.
Very briefly let us tell you how an online test platform work. They top the list in mass hiring strategies!
Step1: Test Creation
Recruiter creates an online test or uses the extensive library provided then invites candidates
Step2: Test Conduction
Candidates take the test in a proctored online environment.
Step2: Reports
Recruiter gets a detailed report of evaluated results.
Step4: Done!
Yup. That’s all. In your hand, you have a very easy to interpret report.

You can also refer to this extensive guide to understand what and why online assessments, how to pick the right one, how to create tests, etc.
And if that is too much of an hassle, you could just ;someone from Codeground get in touch with you to show you how this works.
Well so online assessment platforms cover screening, assessing and testing your candidates on technical skills, soft skills and even psychometric assessments, well before you even call them over for an interview.

Solution No 2:

Tracking and management  tools available today like Google Calendar, Toggl, Interviewer assistant, etc and they are here to take your bulk hiring process up by a notch.
Is it not time you actually  made use of the time tracking aids that make your scheduling, rescheduling organized. Is this not  especially handy if you are handling great volumes and you have a gazillion things pulling your strings day in and out.

Solution No 3:

This era of  bulk recruitment  brings with it the nuances of automation. Among your bulk recruitment strategies Application Tracking Software is a must and a boon for the modern recruiter in you  too actually step up. These tools provide a centralized applicant database  helps in processing and collaboration thus reducing the administrative strain by a  great degree.

Solution No 4:

What to do if you would want to dodge the bullet of getting lost in the clutter and make your presence actually felt, then you will have to step up your brand presence in the market. Is it not better if the candidates hear of you before they meet you. Employer brand presence is should be such that it attracts and engages, ultimately  persuading your relevant talent pool to be a part of your organization.

Solution No 5:

What better way to show you care than have a great onboarding program in place. However planning, creating and executing could  use an army and hence adapting to either one of these  on-boarding tools won’t hurt.  There are several products in the market today and look for ones that are scalable and fit into your product, requirement and industry.

In the culture of the industry and the power of the digital era,  there will be a lot of products and services to  aid you in your hiring, however too many cooks do spoil the broth!  It is therefore important to optimize your hiring tools and services while coming up with bulk recruitment strategies to the best extent.

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