Comic Strip #7: Seven Stages Of Performance Review.

Oh well, there’s always lunch. This content was brought to you by CodeGround Online Testing Platform. CodeGround is an online assessment and test evaluation system focused on helping Recruiters in initial screening of potential candidates from an ocean of job seekers in an automated way.CodeGround supports Online Aptitude Tests, Spoken English Communication Skills Assessments, Coding Contests in JAVA, C, C++, Ruby,…

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Hiring a BPO Rep

Hiring a BPO Representative: 5 Must Have Qualities

    Hiring a BPO Representative: 5 Must Have Qualities   When filling positions for Business Process Outsourcing, there are some very specific qualities and skill sets that a recruiter must asses for during the hiring process. The individual you are looking to hire will have to talk to at least 60 people during a…

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Recruit Freshers On Campus & Off Campus: Entirely Online

Case Study Before using CodeGround Online Testing Platform, Abyeti Technologies used to visit 4-5 campuses every year. In 2016, Abyeti “visited” 40+ Engineering Campuses across India for recruiting freshers. They were able to widen their pool of applicants, while reducing hiring costs at the same time. Online Campus Hiring: The Future has arrived The steps…

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CodeGround Webinar

Hiring in the Digital Age

With advances in technology due to innovation and changing demands, it has become a lot more convenient for recruiters to find solutions to the problems they face in the field. CodeGround has collected some very useful and essential information regarding this and will be hosting a webinar on Tuesday, the 4th of October at 11:30 am.…

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