Do Psychometric Assessments Really Lead To Good Hires?

Do Psychometric Assessments Really Lead To Good Hires

Psychometric assessments is used to measure aptitude, intelligence and personality of a candidate for many years. But recently it has taken a steep increase in their usage in the employment industry, as many companies nowadays have started using them to help in better recruiting practices. Psychometric tests include personality profiles, motivation questionnaires,  reasoning tests and ability assessments mostly, used to assess the quality of potential employees. The most common psychometric tests nowadays are designed to reveal behavioral traits and personality which don’t easily come to light during the interview process. The other type of psychometric assessments comes in the form of an aptitude or ability assessment, devised to measure cognitive ability. All these tests can  provide objective data for otherwise subjective measurements also, you make a more objective and impartial judgment.

Do psychometric assessments lead to good hires?

Well, a kind of.

Psychometric Tests Can Deliver Actionable Insights

Okay, so psychometric assessments scores cannot guarantee perfect hires, but their popularity says that employers still have some confidence in the results. Let’s look at some stats here..

  • More than 75% of Times Top Fortune 500 companies utilize psychometric assessments as part of their recruitment process.
  • Additionally, 95% of FTSE 100 companies also use psychometric assessments when they are recruiting, as do the military, NHS and other local authorities.
  • Psychometric assessments are now used by over 80% of the Fortune 500 companies in the USA and by over 75% of the Times Top 100 companies in the UK.
  • Many Information technology companies, management consultancies, the civil service, the armed forces, financial institutions, police forces, fire services and local authorities all make extensive use of use psychometric assessments .
  • Around 70% of companies in the United States, Australia, and most parts of the world are actively using psychometric analysis in their hiring as well personnel development thrusts. Relatively most of the companies are now integrating the use of psychometric analysis and assessments in their  recruitment process.

Here are the top 5 reasons leading recruiters rely on psychometric assessments for better recruitment practices.

1. Psychometric Assessments Beats Gut Feel

Human instinct is much better than rolling a dice and thus having the stakeholders absorb the cost of a bad hire. Psychometric assessments increase a level of standardization of the traditional ways of recruitment by helping to remove the senseless bias that comes along with too many selection decisions.

2. The Results Can Be Measurable

Quantifying human behavior and its related impact on the bottom line is one of the most difficult challenges facing by many companies. Correlating assessment and recruitment results with outcome variables such as core job performance, engagement,  turnover percentage and commitment is the way for recruiting departments to get accountable profit.

3. You Don’t Need A Psychology Degree

Gone are the days of complex recruiting reports where a psychologist was needed to interpret cryptic psychometric test results. Psychometric assessments providers like CodeGround, Mettl, HackerRank etc. provides any recruiter to a beautifully designed, data rich and easy to read reports can now be instantly accessed online. Simplified real world language and graphics based results that tells exactly what you need to know about the candidate. Delivering a well designed psychometric test report to a recruiter is now an empowering moment that helps them to make confident hiring decisions.

4. All It Can Create A Positive Company Brand

The use of standardized hiring processes can create a powerful first impression of any employer’s brand image. Applicants nowadays are attracted to modern recruitment as they seek for the objective approach to assessing their capability as a primal reason behind their satisfaction with the recruitment process. This is useful for those  individuals from different cultural because psychometric assessments provides a level playing the game where everyone’s merit is equally judged.

5. It Helps Shape Your Recruiting Strategy

Quality data is essential to shaping a truly effective recruiting strategy. Top hiring managers relies on a number of different inputs to make decisions with company broad effects. Psychometric assessments tools are another important objective data point that can help shape recruiting strategy. When linked to any individual’s job performance data, psychometric assessments results can produce lead indicators to help any company with selection, assessing workforce capability, employee engagement, understanding organizational culture and succession planning with a high degree of confidence.


Assessing right candidate is a highly complex and subjective process, and psychometric assessments are a good way of objectively assessing candidate’s “hidden” traits. Psychometric assessments can help any recruiter make informed in their major recruitment decisions. As we know that choosing the right candidate can be tricky and time consuming, psychometric assessments can simplify your options. It can help you by filtering most unsuitable applicants and so you are able to pick the candidates. That’s where a well-advised recruitment strategy is needed, when, combined with psychometric scores, recruiters are able to identify the best candidates easily.

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