E-Recruitment: A Solution for Expensive Hiring Process

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E-Recruitment: A Solution for Expensive Hiring Process

In today’s challenging environment, hiring right person for the right job is a crucial task. Companies rely on skilled resources but finding them is a costly affair.

A single job opening, leads to thousands of applications, which is a burden to handle. Or for a single job post, visiting large number of colleges is a burden to the organization in terms of cost. As a result, the recruiters narrow down their search for the talent, leaving out a large pool of students where one among them can be a prospective person for the job.

Most of the organizations follow the standard hiring system i.e. reviewing resume, Aptitude test, Group Discussion and interview where evaluation is done manually. World is in online Social Networking. Without avoiding the thought of being going global in social aspect, the hiring cost can be reduced by having PLATFORM of E-RECRUITMENT.

The ultimate goal of any organization is to reduce the cost and make every process automatic. E- Recruitment is one such solution which is in line with the goals of any organization.

What benefits does E-recruitment provide to the HR industry and the Society?

Apart from reducing the physical stress, cost, time, man hour for evaluation and other resources associated with the traditional hiring process, E-Recruitment system reduces energy use and pollution associated with manufacturing, transporting and recycling of paper products. The automatic process would save the energy in mailing, storage, handling, filing and reporting tasks. Direct costs savings come from physical visits to campus and reduced paperwork related to resumes, advertising etc.

Hence organizations should adopt an easy to use and a well functional online portal focusing on developing a concrete online recruitment process which can give concrete readymade profile.

The E-recruitment system should focus on assessing candidate’s aptitude skills, Technical skills, and other areas as per the requirements of the job post. This means that the system should be ready for customization at any point of time and should be able to embed with the frequently changing technology.

Some of the top E-Recruitment Platforms are:

  1. CodeGround
  2. HackerEarth
  3. HackerRank
  4. Mettl

Thus, working on hiring through E-Recruitment process, would reap a better work force and help in streamlining the function.

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