The winning underdog in recruiting – Hackathons!

The winning underdog in recruiting - Hackathons!

The secret weapon in tech recruiting today are hackathons. Notably in campus hiring hackathon has emerged as the top event for sourcing quality engineers. Something that started as a college level tech event has evolved into a massive branding and hiring opportunity for companies.The venture capital community has also taken notice of the recruiting angle of hackathons.

Hackathons help stimulate the creative juices of the participants and help test problem-solving and risk-taking attributes in a not-work environment.

Today with the tech guys in high demand, it’s becoming all the more challenging for companies to get the right exposure, garner their interest and finally onboard the best talent. Hackathons being a project  based challenge address all these challenges.

As the Words spread quickly among tech recruiters and student groups, Hackathons have become a great branding exercise for the company . They help gain awareness in the developer community. The  candidates on the other hand have at least one project under their belt

This wagon is a tough one to miss as it has become growingly important for all organizations to engage with prospective employees and create a community of their own.

So it’s only human, that in between all this jazz one forgets  the bigger picture. Always remember to make a conscious effort to drive back the attention to your company, your brand. Send teams to be present alongside the contestants at the event, give presentations on your product,culture etc. Also in general you will get to see the students in action and maybe even ultimately recruit them.

Hackathons are a wonderful recruitment tool, not necessarily because the perfect candidate can be found, but because the candidates may help you find something you never knew you were looking for. It could be anything from solutions to break into a new markets or ways to open up a new customer bases.

Hackathons can be highly insightful and come with so much promise for recruiters as they get to observe and interact with prospective employees.

We understand hosting a hackathon may take more of your time and effort at least more than sponsoring someone else’s event. However, the benefits for employees, collaboration, and recruitment, can be a game changer for your organizations.

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