5 Tricks To Assess Top Sales Talent At Minimal Cost

5 Tricks To Assess Top Sales Talent At Minimal Cost

Most of the sales assessments methods nowadays, tends to measure aptitude and the personality, making believe that all of these traits lead to an individual’s ability to succeed in sales. Yet, when it really comes down to it, personality has a way more things to do with – How well people sell.? What you can do here is to focus only on the factors that actually make a difference in sales success. A couple of techniques we are suggesting which could help.

  1. Believe In Hypothetical scenarios

Hypothetical scenarios can help you assess all of the sales experience by testing how exactly a candidate’s reacts to different problems and synopses. Candidates with deeper such values are able to standoff on practice and knowledge to provide powerful solutions to these scenarios. Asking any sort of follow up questions to a candidate’s answer will eventually help you assess how and why they arrived at the answer given.

  1. Skills Testing

Skills testing is also a reliable way to test the depth of a candidate’s sales experience, because advanced quality sales experience leads top performing candidates to develop strong skill sets that can be easily measured. The basic foundation of skills testing is using established skills tests that have been really deployed to sales candidates with obvious success. Sales recruiters are one of the best sources for accessing to all of these type of skills testing.

  1. Role Playing Can Help

Role playing is different from traditional ways of interview questions as the interviewer, or a hiring manager, assumes themselves the role of a prospect to test the candidate while he or she makes a demonstration leading into a sale. Here, all the role playing scenarios, questions, and responses should be implanted before the interview process, and should be a mixture of dialogue designed to assist you reveal the candidate’s real sales skills or in other words, prepare to situation the candidate with a realistic scenario or situation.

  1. Personality Testing

As opposing to the skills testing, personality testing measures basic key traits of top performers. Traits such as Self confidence, Resilient attitude, Overall integrity, and ethics are some of the most important ones. It is really possible to get an idea of how a sales candidate seize these traits through the interviewing, but personality testing is a more invariable source for this kind of information. As with skills testing, sales recruiter managers can assist you in decide a proven personality test to use with your sales candidates in a better way.

  1. Mastered Selling Methods

A top performer will have to be mastered in several selling methods; if you can exactly determine how many methods a candidate is snug with using it, you have a better standard of their overall sales experience. A listing of possible selling methods can be discussed in an interview or can be included in a skills or knowledge test. Remember that sometimes the same selling method is tagged under several different names, so always be sure to use all of the most common names for a given method.

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