Top Mistakes Recruiters Make When Hiring Millennials

Millennials are a difficult bunch, aren’t they? Hiring them can be a very difficult task for any recruiter today. They come with their own ideas about any organization and they are not even afraid to express themselves. There is a massive competition in the current market to fulfill their need for work that satisfies their…

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5 Myths About Millennials That Need To Go

5 Myths About Millennials That Need To Go

Millennials are the latest phenomenon in today’s world. Their influence in global markets and even in the workplace is undeniable. This digitally native generation has surpassed even the Generation X to become the  largest demographic cohort to exist. Millennials have been raised in a socially networked world, and being the most diverse they have been…

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Recruiting Millennials: How to retain them?

For a business one of the biggest challenge is integrating the baby boomers generations’ workforce with the millennials. As the millennials are becoming one of the biggest workforce currently recruiters need to figure out ways to overcome the ongoing myth about the millennials that they are the bunch who tend to “job hop” a lot.…

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Top Challenges Of Recruiting The New Generation: Millennials

Millennials – or “Generation Y” – are those individuals who are born between 1980 and 2000. This generation is emerging as an essential part of current job market. Unlike most of them, millennials have different sets of skills and mindset. The most possible reason could be they are more connected. Recruiters nowadays, cannot attract top ambitious…

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Target Passive Candidates:  Through Eye Catching Content

Target Passive Candidates: Through Eye Catching Content

Once upon a time, there was a company with a great work culture and Monday mornings became less gloomy. See, who doesn’t love a good story. Knowing this is half the problem solved. One of the biggest challenges recruiters face today is attracting candidates – passive candidates more so because they’re not even actually looking…

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Target Passive Candidates- Utilising Your Current Employees

Passive candidates are the employees who are actively working and not necessarily looking for a job currently. However, these candidates are the best choices for job descriptions which require some specific skills set. So if you are looking for someone who ticks all the boxes you should consider attracting the attention of passive candidates. There…

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Target Passive Candidates: By Humanizing Communication

Target Passive Candidates : By Humanizing Communication

Swarms of candidates may fall in line for that job position that is now up for grabs. But you’re looking for someone different. Someone with the right amount of experience and who isn’t going to up and leave at the sight of better monetary gain.  While active job seekers are banging on the doors of…

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Target Passive Candidates Make Data Your Friend

Target Passive Candidates : Make Data Your Friend!

Recruiting Passive Candidates Isn’t Passive! Approaching passive candidates can be difficult, but most Human Resource Managers usually relying on data and analytics to increase their productivity by tracking and analyzing candidate’s data. Tracking of data is a crucial step for any Human Resource Department because it can generate better results as per any recruiter need.…

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Target Passive Candidates : Using Social Media!

Employers need to realize they are in the face of an existential threat in terms of sourcing and hiring candidates who are active. When it is common to find active job seekers, however, it is often said that the best hires are those who aren’t looking for a job at all. These kind of candidates…

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Target Passive Candidates : SEO And Job Postings!

Passive candidates are those professionals who are already employed and they are not actively looking for a new job but they have the suitable qualifications and experiences. They are mostly satisfied with their existing profile but they are ready to make a career move for any new opportunity if that employer is better than the…

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