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Virtual-Campus-Visits– allows recruiters to conduct filtering tests for recruitment process online. The advantages of conducting online recruitment tests over paper-based filtering tests are listed here. See the Getting Started Guide for more details on creating your own online recruitment tests.

Only large, established firms have the mandatory resources to travel for campus visits. And even those firms will solely visit a few of the chosen campuses in India. has tie-ups with campuses across India and incorporates a massive pool of college pass-outs seeking jobs and internships registered with us. Recruiters who don’t have the resources to go to campuses will conduct on-line enlisting tests for jobs and internships via Our enlisting tests can then be floated to placement departments in campuses across India who can then encourage students to participate in those tests.

Identify the best performers

You can additionally view the set of students who have won prizes and certificates in Coding, Aptitude, Communication and different Contests we conduct on a regular basis among our pool of registered candidates.

Campus Brand Ambassador Program

We can visit a campus on behalf of your organization to talk about the organization, its culture and openings available for fresher. Videos and other materials given to us can be distributed among the student body.

We also help you conduct hackathons as part of a brand-building initiative from a recruitment perspective.

Test Invigilators

CodeGround offers superior cheating prevention through: WebCam Recording, Plagiarism Checks and Window Proctoring. But, if that’s not sufficient for your needs, we can visit the campus and have students participate in tests in our presence while we monitor the tests.

Recruiters can sign up for a free trial. We are always available for a Demo session at your convenience. Contact: +91-80-65555513

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