What is CodeGrounds?

CodeGrounds is an online Coding Test hosting and evaluation system, Focused on Helping recruiter in initial screening test to filter out potential candidates from an ocean of developers in a automated way.

How does it work ?

If you are a Recruiter,
You are three simple steps away from conducting a test with a potential recruit for your organization.

  1. Register
  2. Create a test.
  3. Send out invites to candidates.
  4. Collect the automatically evaluated test reports of your candidates to shortlist.

Use Case,

One of the important impedances for Recruiters around the world is to have that initial screening test to filter out potential candidates from an ocean of developers out there before you have them onsite for a face-to-face interview.

This requires
1 preparing a question paper with different questions ranging between easy to hard in the toughness scale.
2 Preparing a venue for the testing to take place, creating and publishing an invitation informing the right people to be at the right place at the right time.
3 Gathering the candidates at the decided space, being there in person, carrying back the bundles of tested papers.
4 Evaluating test paper and finally holding a meeting to filter the few developers you would be interested among the hundreds who took the test.

You go through all this hazel before you even started with first F2F interview.
And you have already spend a lot of money without even knowing that if there is a single candidate that match your requirement.

That's why you can leave it to us. We are an online Coding Test Development and Delivery system

A simple three steps to get done with your initial screening test.

[1] Create your profile as a recruiter
[2] Start creating tests from the variety of coding questions available at you database with varying toughness, Add your own coding questions to the test, set the test duration time(No. of hours/Mins) and test availability time (Timings between which the test is still can be taken).
[3] Send out invites to specific people who will be taking your test.
[4] Collect aggregated reports of the test in different formats.

All this from comfort of your home