Screen Candidates using Online Tests. Interview only candidates with proven skills necessary for a Sales & Marketing profile

Sample Test
Arithmetic Aptitude

Interested in hiring candidates for a Sales & Marketing Profile?

  • Suppose you are interested in hiring candidates for a Sales & Marketing role. You post Job Descriptions on various online job portals and also partner with Candidate Sourcing Vendors. As a result, you end up with a pool of candidates interested in your job opening
  • What you have: 250 CVs from interested candidates.
  • What you don’t have: The time or the resources to conduct 250 interviews.
  • CV based filtering is extremely ad-hoc and often results in errors.
    • Candidates with in-depth knowledge on Mobile App Development can be ignored because their academics are not good or their CV is not well formatted
    • Candidates with good grades and neat CVs are often selected for interviews, even though they don’t have the relevant Software Technical Skills you are looking for.
  • Pouring over CVs from hundreds of candidates is also a painful, time-consuming activity

Our Recruitment Testing Philosophy

Our Recruitment Testing Philosophy is simple: “Align the recruitment tests for a role with the actual duties that a candidate must fulfill on a daily basis, if hired for that role.”

We believe that this alignment will help Recruiters maximize their Interview Hit Rate and reduce Cost per Hire

Logical Reasoning
Data Interpretation And Analytical Skills

Our Recommendation:

Ask all interested candidates to take the Sales & Marketing Screening Test hosted by CodeGround Recruitment Testing Platform. [Link to Sample test]

  • You can ask MCQs on Aptitude, Data Interpretation and English
  • You can ask the candidate to verbally record his/ her answer for personal interview questions, such as, “Describe how your past experience is relevant for this role,” “What are your strengths and weaknesses,” “Where do you see yourself 5 years from now.” Such questions also evaluate the candidate’s spoken English Skills
  • You can present scenarios or Group Discussion cases and ask the candidate to verbally record their answer to such questions.
  • You can give Marketing Case Studies with specific questions on Marketing domain and ask candidates to upload a PPT with their solutions (see illustration)

Greater Test participation

Candidates can take tests from the comfort of their homes, resulting in greater test participation

CodeGround has tie-ups with hundreds of Engineering Campuses across India.We will forward test links for job openings to Campus Placement Authorities who will circulate it among student body, ensuring high test participation

CodeGround Online Tests are auto-evaluated resulting in significant cost savings

Illustration – Fuji Marketing Case Study

Case Study: Fuji: Using Knowledge Of Consumers To Snap Up Sales With New Photographic Equipment

Fuji Photo's development of the Advanced Photo System (APS) is a classic example of how a company makes use of the way their customers behave. As part of the APS Fuji target the advanced amateur when it introduced SmartFilm™. SmartFilm™ is housed in the unique APS cartridge. The APS is designed to make photography easier, more enjoyable and more exciting by allowing the photographer to switch in mid-roll from slide to print film. The SmartFilm™ comes in ISO 100, 200 and 400 speeds.

The APS also allows the photographer to select between three different picture formats at any time; C (Classic with the same proportions as normal 35mm prints; H (HDTV with a wider view); and P (Panorama for extra wide landscapes). The latest extension of SmartFilm™ is Fujichrome 100ix Slide Film. The film produces slides imprinted with data and shooting information, such as frame title, shoot data (aperture and shutter speed), shoot date and time, film ID number, frame number and photofinisher's ID number.

As an extension of its APS, the company introduced to the mass market in late 1996 a digital camera, the DS-7. The DS-7 has a built-in LCD screen and a 2 megabite solid-state floppy disk card. It allows the photographer to store between 30 to 60 images and play them back on the camera's LCD monitor, a TV, or download the images to a PC. The disk card may be erased and reused.

Fuji's Web site provides information about Fujicolor Smart Film, Smart Cameras, Fujicolor Smart QuickSnaps, Smart Minilabs and Smart Imaging Devices. Also included on the site is a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions. Browsers may link to another page by clicking on a titled building or the Fujifilm blimp.


  • Is the purchase of Fuji's Advanced Photo System a high involvement or low involvement decision?
  • What elements of the social environment might influence the purchase decision of the Advanced Photo System?
  • How could Fuji anticipate cognitive dissonance associated with its Advanced Photo System and what should it do to reduce it?
Question Pooling

Improve your Interview Hit Rate

Interview only the candidates who have:

  • Demonstrated Interest in your Job Opening by taking the online test
  • Demonstrated Competence by doing well in that test


The platform provides capabilities to conduct all online assessments in a fair manner.

Webcam Monitoring prevents cheating and impersonation

WebCam Monitoring

The candidate is monitored via webcam to ensure that there is no impersonation and that the candidate does not communicate with others in person or using mobile during the test.

Window Proctoring

The test window is proctored. If the candidate navigates away from the test window (for instance, to use google search), multiple warnings are given. If the warnings are ignored, the test is ended immediately and a red flag is raised in the report.

Window Proctoring locks the test window and prevents candidates from switching to other browsers (chat, search etc) during tests
Copy Detection is applicable for coding submissions. We ensure that code submissions from two different candidates are not very similar

Copy Detection

When code submissions by any two candidates are too similar (>85% similarity), a red flag is raised indicating possible code plagiarism.

Random Pooling

Each candidate taking the test can be given a smaller set of questions that are randomly selected from a large pool of questions.

Questions for each candidate are randomly selected from a large pool of questions