Recruiting Freshers? Source and screen candidates easily and effectively

Sample Test
Arithmetic Aptitude

Before Using CodeGround

Abyeti used to visit 4-5 campuses every year physically and conduct physical paper-based tests which achieved test participation of around 500 students.

Using CodeGround

Abyeti is able to ‘visit’ 50 campuses a year easily. Online test links are emailed to the Campus Placement Authorities in Campuses, who then circulate it among student body.

Test participation is significantly higher with 6000+ students assessed annually for jobs and internships at Abyeti

Logical Reasoning
CodeGround Online Tests are auto-evaluated resulting in significant cost savings

Greater Test participation

Candidates can take tests from the comfort of their homes, resulting in greater test participation

CodeGround has tie-ups with hundreds of Engineering Campuses across India.We will forward test links for job openings to Campus Placement Authorities who will circulate it among student body, ensuring high test participation

Optimize your Recruitment Funnel

CodeGround allows Recruiters to achieve the holy grail of the recruitment filtering process.

To create an optimized recruitment funnel that is:

  • as wide as possible on one end, so that potential candidates are not missed out
  • as narrow as possible on the other end, so that interviewers do not waste time on irrelevant candidates

You can source candidates from all over India without wasting money on air travel.

You can also avoid wasting the time of your engineering colleagues in interviewing irrelevant candidates.

No installation required as CodeGround works completely browser-based. Admin privileges are also not needed
Question Pooling

Hackathons are an excellent way to improve your brand reputation among Tech Students

  • Are you a new startup that no one has heard of? Are you struggling to convince graduates with options to join your firm?
  • Conduct Online Hackathons to build your brand among the Tech Community on Campuses.


The platform provides capabilities to conduct all online assessments in a fair manner.

Webcam Monitoring prevents cheating and impersonation

WebCam Monitoring

The candidate is monitored via webcam to ensure that there is no impersonation and that the candidate does not communicate with others in person or using mobile during the test.

Window Proctoring

The test window is proctored. If the candidate navigates away from the test window (for instance, to use google search), multiple warnings are given. If the warnings are ignored, the test is ended immediately and a red flag is raised in the report.

Window Proctoring locks the test window and prevents candidates from switching to other browsers (chat, search etc) during tests
Copy Detection is applicable for coding submissions. We ensure that code submissions from two different candidates are not very similar

Copy Detection

When code submissions by any two candidates are too similar (>85% similarity), a red flag is raised indicating possible code plagiarism.

Random Pooling

Each candidate taking the test can be given a smaller set of questions that are randomly selected from a large pool of questions.

Questions for each candidate are randomly selected from a large pool of questions